Fragrantica is the world’s largest database on perfumes and public feedback on them. Do you look up ratings for perfume before you buy? Well you’re in luck because we’ve done it all for you!

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The weird thing is: some perfumes that you would never thought are at the top of the list with amazing ratings, even better than some best sellers!


So some, like Ombre Leather and Black Opium, it’s no surprise! They are simply amazing and we receive gushing appreciation of them every day.


Note: Some perfumes that don’t have many votes may mean that they are newer and haven’t gathered much votes yet.

Most perfumes are available in stock.

If you would like to order a scent that is not in stock, we accept pre-order deposits and deliver within 10 days. NB: Sale prices don’t apply for pre-orders.

If you’d like to know more or buy a scent, simply send us the code (s) of the perfumes you want using the WhatsApp button to the bottom right of this window.

Reminder: Our 10% mid-month sale (deliveries) ends 20th – last day for orders on the sale is tomorrow.

NB: Ratings updated 19 March 2022

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